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Food Forward rescues fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste, connecting this abundance with people in need, and inspiring others to do the same.

We are a volunteer-powered group of Southern Californians who are passionate about making change around hunger in our community.

We convene at private properties, public spaces, and farmers and wholesale markets to recover excess fruits and vegetables, donating 100% to local direct-service agencies who feed our community’s most vulnerable. Combined, our diverse distribution partners provide food to over 100,000 clients a month across Southern California.

Contact Us

Food Forward
7412 Fulton Ave #3
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Office Line: 818.764.1022

For general info: info@foodforward.org
For volunteer info: volunteer@foodforward.org
To donate backyard fruit: harvest@foodforward.org
For media inquires: media@foodforward.org
To make a financial donation: emily@foodforward.org

For staff or program contact info, please visit Our Team

"The experience was so awesome! Your team rocks! Jack was so helpful as team leader. Lara and Jack both spoke highly of Food Forward because it is so organized. It was such a pleasure to hear the feedback from Food Not Bombs contact. He really appreciates this being streamlined through Food Forward. It was really great to see how the produce boxes were distributed with care and detail, tailored to the specific needs and quantities for each group picking up. When the pick ups happened, the drivers were very happy that they did not need to wait for their boxes to be weighed in, but rather just loaded them up and were on their way."
Beth, Farmers Market Recovery

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