Pounds Rescued
Food Forward staff and volunteers rescue 300,000 pounds of surplus produce each week from fruit trees, farmers markets and the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. 100% of these fresh fruits and vegetables are donated to over 300 hunger relief agencies across 8 counties in Southern California.

Happy MLK Day!

1.16.17 – Today, January 16th, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This national holiday, which falls on the...


1.16.17 – Today, January 16th, we...

What is Asian Citrus Psyllid?

1.9.17 – ACP? HLB? If you’ve heard these abbreviations, or their even-more-confusing full names, you might be trying to wrap...


1.9.17 – ACP? HLB? If you’ve...

Gleaning Gardens to Share our Surplus

1.3.17 – Do you know that Food Forward has a special Pick Leader who is growing gardens for people...


1.3.17 – Do you know that...

Colleges Lead the Way in the Fight Against Hunger

12.5.16 – While celebrating what we’re thankful for, we recognize that far too many people do not have access...


12.5.16 – While celebrating what we’re...

Mulching – What, Why, and How

11.7.16 – Mulching may seem intimidating, but it is not as difficult as it seems, and it can be...


11.7.16 – Mulching may seem intimidating,...

Food Forward Volunteers at A Place Called Home!

Our Food Forward staff loves an opportunity to get out of the office, especially when it means we get...


Our Food Forward staff loves an...

Imperial San Diego Riverside Orange San Bernardino Los Angeles Ventura Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara - 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger in Santa Barbara County
(Feeding America)
Imperial - 28% of residents and 44% of children in Imperial Valley are food insecure
(Imperial Valley Food Bank)
San Diego - 136,000 children in San Diego County are facing food insecurity
(U.S. Census Bureau)
Riverside - In Riverside County, 24% of children are living in poverty.
(California Food Policy Advocates)
San Bernardino - 1 in 5 people live in poverty in San Bernardino County
(U.S. Census Bureau)
Los Angeles - Los Angeles County has the largest estimated population of food insecure people in the U.S. - 1.5 million
(Feeding America)
Ventura - 16% of children in Ventura County are living in poverty
(U.S. Census Bureau)
Orange - Nearly 400,000 residents struggle to get their food needs met on a regular basis
(OC Food Access Coalition)

Who Receives Our Produce?
We donate recovered produce to over 300 agencies across 8 counties in Southern California. Read more about the agencies we serve.

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