Photo Credits

Photo Credits

Oranges on top of gray wooden table, Homepage, Jonathan Pielmayer

Santos using pallet jack at the Pit Stop, Homepage, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Volunteer wearing gloves picking citrus, Homepage, Karen Ard 

Farmers market vendor holding box, Homepage, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Two volunteers and Felipe with oranges, Mission & Values, Eron Rauch

Food Forward boxes and FMR volunteers, Mission & Values, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Betsy with a box of avocados, Contact us, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Kumquat Saison with tree, Corporate Events + Giving, Hero shot, Smog City Brewing Co. 

Volunteer adding oranges to box, Fruit Donor FAQ, Jack Sutton 

New Orleans Jazz Band, Spring Melt, Eron Rauch

Backyard Harvest lemons, Food Recovery Resources, Jeffrey Dawson

Fruit picker with persimmons, Food Recovery Resources, Eron Rauch

Volunteers adding boxes to truck, Inspire Others, Jeffrey Dawson

Rick speaking at Pit Stop, News & Press, Eron Rauch

Antonio with pallet jack at the Pit Stop, Our Impact, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Food Forward box overflowing with produce, Our Impact, Eron Rauch

Volunteers pick persimmons with fruit pickers, Our Story, Eron Rauch

Interior of the Pit Stop, Stories and Resources, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Volunteers adding zucchini to bin, Volunteer, Eron Rauch

Close up of citrus on tree, Ways To Give, Jeffrey Dawson 

Woman standing in front of red truck full of boxes, What We Do, Jack Sutton

Group shot of Pit Stop staff and other staff, Who We Are, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Group shot of board members at Spring Melt, Who We Are, Eron Rauch

Mauricio adding tomatoes to pallet, Who We Are, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Panoramic of the Pit Stop, Our Story, Jen Serena, Serena Creative

Summer squash, Our Story, Eron Rauch

Lemon grove in Camarillo, Our Story, Jeffrey Dawson

Woman walking through orange grove, Our Story, Anna Elledge / Ebbs Photography

Smog City beer, Our Story, Jen Serena, Serena Creative