Food Forward is committed to promoting the health and well-being of everyone in our community, including our volunteers, agency partners, fruit and vegetable donors, produce recipients, and staff. Please visit this page for updates on COVID-19 from Food Forward.

What do volunteers do?

Most of our volunteers help us recover and donate fresh produce at various locations. Volunteers should be comfortable being on their feet throughout the shift and carrying boxes of fruits and vegetables. Below are a few different types of volunteer events!


Farmers Market Recovery:

You will meet the volunteer team at a designated time and place at the market. A Volunteer Glean Team Leader oversees the event and provides an orientation before the glean begins.

Volunteers walk through the market with empty Food Forward boxes, distributing them to any produce vendors who wish to make a donation. There is usually a brief break to shop or eat, and then volunteers meet up again to collect the boxes full of fresh, delicious food!

The donated produce is weighed, recorded (farmers get a tax deductible receipt for their donations), and prepared for pick-up by our partner agencies. Once the food is picked up, your work here is done!

Backyard Harvest:

Volunteers meet the Volunteer Pick Leader at the designated time and address.  Backyard Harvests may take place at private residences, public parks, commercial orchards, farms, or any other property with food to harvest.

Volunteers receive an orientation on safe harvesting techniques. Depending on what we’re picking, we will supply all necessary harvesting equipment so that volunteers can pick as much fruit as possible. When the harvest wraps up, volunteers will help to load up a vehicle with boxes, pick up the equipment and, generally, leave the property as we found it.

Food Forward Fruit Pick

Produce Pick-Up:

Volunteers meet the Produce Pick-Up Leader at the designated time and place. Volunteers will receive an orientation on how to separate good produce from compostable produce, as well as any other tasks they may need to complete.

Throughout the event, volunteers may be sorting and cleaning produce, breaking down cardboard boxes, cleaning bins and supplies, conversing with community members, carrying compost to its designated location, restocking produce, and generally cleaning up. There will be a short break for lunch/snacks, as well as several short periods of downtime. Come prepared for a day of hard, rewarding work!

I just signed up to volunteer on your website! What happens next?

You’re on your way to fighting hunger and food waste with us! You will receive an email confirming that you’re signed up. Check your inbox (or your spam folder if you don’t see it!) for a confirmation email from volunteer@foodforward.org.

You will receive notifications 4 days and 24 hours prior to the event you signed up for. That email will have contact information and meet-up instructions, plus any additional details you may need. 

If you can no longer make it to the event you signed up for, it is important that you cancel no less than 72 hours (3 days) before the event so we can find a volunteer to take your place. You can cancel by clicking the link under “Do you need to cancel?” in the reminder emails.

Will there be a restroom?

Many of our volunteer events do not have restrooms available or public restrooms nearby. Generally, volunteer events that are longer than 2 hours take place at a location with a restroom nearby. Most of our volunteer events that are 2 hours or less do not have a restroom available to volunteers. Please feel free to contact us in advance if you have questions or concerns.

Do I need to bring anything?

The majority of our produce recovery events take place outside, so we always recommend bringing water and sunscreen or a hat. Feel free to bring gardening gloves and bug spray if you’d like. Please wear clothes you are comfortable in and don’t mind getting dirty, as well as closed-toe shoes. Otherwise, we supply all equipment needed!

Do I need to transport any of the fruits or vegetables in my car?

Nope! We arrange transportation with the agency receiving the food or with the Volunteer Event Leader.

Can I leave early or come late to an event?

No. While we understand how busy you are, we do require that volunteers stay for the entire time. Most of our events have very small volunteer teams, and we need all hands on deck!

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

5 for Backyard Harvest events (unless otherwise stated on the event), 12 for Farmers Market Recovery events, and 18 for Produce Pick-Up events. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who registers for the event as well and stays for its entirety.

Can I bring my friend, spouse, child, or other family member?

Yes, they just need to sign up to volunteer for the same event! Please note: we cannot accept walk-up volunteers; all volunteers must be registered before the event.

Can I bring a group (such as a faith-based group, school group, etc.)?

If you are interested in volunteering with a large group (more than 5), visit our Groups page here and fill out the Group Volunteer Form. Then, check out our Volunteer Calendar and let us know if you see an upcoming event that works for your group. If we can accommodate you, we’ll send you a private link to sign up. Volunteers (including children!) are required to register separately online before the event so that each volunteer completes our mandatory release form and we have an accurate count of participants. You must use a different email address for each individual volunteer.

What if my child doesn’t have an email address?

If you have already registered as a volunteer for an event and want to register your child as well, you can register them as a volunteer using a placeholder email address, like rick.n@noemail.com.

Can I bring my pet?

We love your furry friends–we really do! But please leave them at home when you volunteer with us.

Why don’t volunteers get to take a little of the recovered food home?

While we are so appreciative of the hard work volunteers do to recover fresh produce, 100% of the food that is collected is given to local hunger relief agencies, allowing us to provide full transparency to those donating fruits and vegetables to Food Forward. If you’d like to learn more about who we donate to or are seeking resources for food, please visit this page.

How do I know how much food I collected and where it went?

The Volunteer Event Leader will be able to estimate how much food is being donated and can tell you which organizations are benefitting. You will also receive a follow-up email with this information.

Can I complete my community service hours with Food Forward?

Absolutely. To view our upcoming volunteer events, please visit our Volunteer Calendar and register for an event that is convenient for you. Because our events have limited volunteer spots, they generally fill up at least 2-3 weeks in advance. We recommend scheduling your volunteer days at least one month before your community service hours are due in order to ensure you are able to register for your chosen events.

While we are always happy to sign your community service hours after you complete them, we are unable to guarantee beforehand that a volunteer will be able to complete a specific number of hours. Our events simply fill up too quickly!

Will you sign my community service form for school?

Yes! Please bring the form with you, and the Event Leader can sign it. If your school does not provide a form, you can email volunteer@foodforward.org after you volunteer to get your hours confirmed. Please allow up to one week for us to confirm your hours.

I want to get more involved! What do I do?

Great! Nearly all of our produce recovery events are powered by volunteers, so we would love to have your help! Visit this page to learn more about our Volunteer Event Leader positions!