Glean Team Leaders, or GTLs, help Food Forward fight hunger and food waste by leading teams of volunteers to collect donations of fruits and veggies at farmers markets across LA and Ventura. GTLs oversee the glean from start to finish, and lead volunteers in distributing boxes to vendors, collecting full boxes, and weighing and recording the donations. 100% of the produce collected is then donated to local hunger relief agencies at the end of the market!


Become a GTL


“Volunteering at the market is so awesome!  You get to see some produce that you’ve only read about and experience the change of seasons.” – Suki


“Besides knowing that just investing a little of your time can have such a huge impact in someone else’s life and community, the bonds that you start to create with the people that you meet on every step of the glean are part of what makes this experience great.” – Oscar


“I’ve met lots of wonderful people, I love the atmosphere of the farmers markets, the colors and smells, and being outdoors. And it’s gratifying to see all of the produce that would be going to waste make its way to people in need.” – Marsha


“I love the idea of not wasting food from places I wouldn’t even think of collecting from while giving directly back to people in need.” – Tracy


To get started as a Glean Team Leader:

✓ Volunteer at two farmers market gleans.

✓ Complete our short & simple Event Leader Application Form and email it to volunteer@foodforward.org, and complete a brief Background Check.

✓ Shadow one of our experienced Glean Team Leaders at a glean, then lead a glean with an experienced Glean Team Leader shadowing you.

✓ Attend an in-office training within the first 6-9 months of leading.

✓ Begin leading events on your own!


Become a Glean Team Leader


To learn more about other volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved, click here or email volunteer@foodforward.org