Farmers Market Recovery

The Farmers Market Recovery Program began in 2012 at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Wednesdays with a simple idea: to connect the fresh, local produce that is leftover at the end of a farmers markets with food insecure people in the community. Food Forward now gleans at 25 different farmers markets each week across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, rescuing an average of 52,000 pounds of produce per month!

Volunteers convene before the end of the farmers market and distribute boxes to vendors wishing to make a donation. The boxes of full produce are then collected, weighed, and picked up by local hunger relief agencies who distribute the food to their clients within 72 hours.

Need Produce?

501(c)(3) agencies that would like to receive produce from our Farmers Market Recovery Program are asked to commit to weekly pick-ups from a designated farmers market. For more information, please email


Top photo by Rachel Jacobson