The exterior of the Produce Pit Stop in Bell, CA. The 6,000-square-foot warehouse is Food Forward’s first-ever refrigeration and produce storage space. (Photo by Eron Rauch)


The Daily News wrote about the opening of the Produce Pit Stop on June 20


What is the Produce Pit Stop?

The new produce recovery hub, the Produce Pit Stop, will provide free large-scale donations of fresh fruits and vegetables to communities in need, while reducing the environmental consequences of food waste.

Since 2014, Food Forward’s Wholesale Produce Recovery program has rescued tens of millions of pounds of produce from wholesale vendors at the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal – all without storage or refrigeration, via a “just-in-time” model. In 2018, Food Forward was awarded a grant from CalRecycle’s Food Waste Prevention and Rescue Grant Program to open a much-needed warehouse space to support and grow its recovery efforts. The Produce Pit Stop, located in the city of Bell, CA, is the only one of its kind in the region and will enable Food Forward to redirect millions of pounds of fresh produce to hunger relief agencies each month.


Read a blog from Food Forward Founder/Executive Director, Rick Nahmias, about the road to the Produce Pit Stop



Food Forward’s Wholesale Produce Recovery program rescues truckloads of surplus fruits and vegetables from the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal in DTLA. (Photo by Vanessa Bly Photography)

Why is it important?

With 1,800 hunger relief agencies relying on Food Forward for donations of fresh produce, this Produce Pit Stop will enable the distribution of a greater quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables, and thus provide more diverse nutritional options for food insecure individuals and families. Food Forward expects this food rescue hub to transform the produce recovery ecosystem of Southern California by helping to feed over two million people this year, while greatly reducing the environmental impact of food waste.


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The refrigerator in the Pit Stop is 50′ x 25′ x 18′ and can fit 80 pallets of recovered produce (Photo by Eron Rauch)


The Produce Pit Stop is funded in part by a grant from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) through California Climate Investments.