Panoramic image of farm and rows of crops and Food Forward boxes

Partner Spotlight: Baby Root Farm & McGrath Family Farm

Baby Root Farm is nestled just off of the busy 101 Freeway in Camarillo. Born in 2017, the farm focuses on regenerative, organic practices on their newly expanded 20-acre plot. The farm sits on the grounds of the historic McGrath Family Ranch, a longtime Food Forward partner. McGrath Family Farm has been donating excess produce to Food Forward for the past 7 years, both directly from the farm and at two farmers markets in Los Angeles County.

In addition to growing delicious produce and donating their surplus, McGrath Family Farm is cultivating innovative farmers. Baby Root Farm is one of five farms that grows produce on the McGrath land. Food Forward visited Baby Root Farm before the pandemic to film a video about our partnership. We spoke with Baby Root Farm’s founder, Mike Roberts, about his aspirations for the farm:

“The mission of Baby Root Farm and McGrath Family Farmers is to grow the next generation of regenerative farmers,” shares Mike. “We always want to be educating ourselves and sharing what we’re learning with others.” On their smaller permaculture plot, Mike explains that all newer farmers get to experiment with seasonal and unique crops. Farmers learn from those trials before applying their techniques to the larger plot, in order to minimize risk.

Creating an agricultural system that benefits both the environment and local communities is what drives Baby Root’s work. “Everything that is grown here is sold within 60 miles of the farm,” Mike explains. The farm has a zero waste system and plans to continue donating excess produce to those experiencing food insecurity through Food Forward.

Thanks to Baby Root Farm and others on the McGrath Family Ranch for your innovation and generosity as you grow food to feed your neighbors! You can watch the video here: