Faces of Food Forward
Food Forward would not exist without the support and dedication of so many incredible people in our community. Over the coming year, we will feature ten individuals who contribute to our mission and highlight the important work they are doing every day to address food insecurity and food waste in Southern California. Bookmark this page and check back at the beginning of each month to see a new story.
A Decade of Sharing Abundance
See a sneak peek of the stories we will be telling throughout the year.

Special Thanks
This series was only possible due to the enormous talent, effort, and passion of our friends at Serena Creative, with a special thanks to Emoto Music, Stanley Gonzales, Brian Linder, Mauricio Hoyos, Shawn Corrigan, and Sparkle for their contributions.

And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to the individuals who make up The Faces of Food Forward for their generosity and support throughout the years.