Wholesale Recovery

Food Forward’s newest program began in 2014 at the Wholesale Produce Market in Downtown Los Angeles, the largest wholesale market in the country.

5 days a week, very early in the morning, our team brings three 24’ trucks to the market and accepts pallets of fruits and vegetables. One truckload can hold as much as 15,000 pounds of produce and it’s not uncommon for the Wholesale Recovery staff to do multiple loads before many of us even start our work days! This produce is immediately delivered to very large hunger relief agencies who in turn distribute to clients and smaller food pantries. In 2017 alone, this program helped to recover and donate 17.4 million pounds of produce.

Need Produce?

Any 501(c)(3) agency interested in receiving produce from our Wholesale Recovery Program must be able to distribute large quantities of produce (10,000+ pounds) within 24-48 hours. Email luis@foodforward.org for more information.



“Donating our produce has been something we have taken up recently, my only wish is that we had done it sooner. It’s been so easy with just a phone call, and their ability to be flexible around our busy schedule. It’s really been a great experience, and more important than a tax write off, it’s great to see that nothing is going to waste. Their appreciation for our donations makes it something that we will continue to use for years to come.”

– Kian Fattahi
Operations Manager
Global Farms Ent. Inc.