Black Lives Matter

In light of last couple of week’s tragic events, we at Food Forward felt an urgent need to reach out to our community at large to raise our voice in unity.⁠⠀
We vehemently condemn the four police officers who murdered George Floyd, and the inexcusable approach by Minneapolis officials investigating them. Moreso, we mourn the countless Black lives that have also been unjustly and brutally stolen on American soil, not just this past week, but dating all the way back to 1619.⁠⠀
Food Forward shares the outrage and stands in solidarity with our Black colleagues, partners, volunteers, event participants, financial supporters, and all marginalized communities and people of color, in the fight against racism, injustice, and violence in every form.⁠⠀
Food Forward’s mission is wrapped around the action of sharing fresh, free food so every human being in our community can thrive – and we intend to show our outrage, conviction, and yes sadness, through our re-doubled commitment to fulfilling that mission. We are also committed to working internally and externally to support and amplify anti-racist efforts in our society – something essential if our mission is to succeed.⁠⠀
What started in the streets of Minneapolis has now spread to every single state in our nation. The protests we are witnessing give a voice to the many Black lives cut short by rampant, unchecked, institutionalized police violence.⁠⠀
In this time, as we demand justice, we ask you to dig deep under the outrage, and find the abundance of love, of unity, of empathy within. And please go out and direct that love, that unity, that empathy towards those suffering in our community, in any way you can.⁠⠀
Lastly, though we have a VITAL election happening in 6 months, elections can only do so much. We cannot look to others to make this right but, rather, WE MUST all take a good long hard look in the mirror and do better ourselves.⁠⠀


Things we are reading and listening to right now:

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