Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jim smiling in front of foliage

Jim Berliner

Co-Founder, Chairman, Westmount Partners
Christy smiling in black shirt in front of greenery

Christy Remey Chin

Former DRK Partner
Jason smiling in checkered shirt

Jason Crayne

Board Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Criteria
Jedd standing in front of boxes with arms crossed

Jedd Gold

Jedd Gold, CEO & Co-Founder, Artkive
Neil smiling in front of white background

Neil Haltrecht

Jeff Harris smiling in front of grey background

Jeff Harris

Board Chair, Principal, JB Harris Consulting
Brian smiling in front of tree and building

Brian Lazarus

Partner at Ziffren Brittenham, LLP
Cindy Lee smiling in front of grey/beige background

Cindy Lee

Legislative Affairs Specialist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Shari smiling in front of greenery

Shari Leinwand

Foundation Trustee, Retired Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Rick smiling in front of orange background

Rick Nahmias

Founder and CEO of Food Forward
Pam smiling in front of a city backdrop

Pam Schwartz

Community Health and Food is Medicine leader, Kaiser Permanente
Rob smiling in front of grey background

Rob Valencia

Nonprofit Attorney and Advisor
Donella Wilson smiling in front of greenery

Donella Wilson

CPA, nonprofit practice leader at GHJ
Betty smiling in front of orange background

Betty Zamorano-Pedregon

Early Care and Learning Division Director, Child Care Resource Center
Scott Jarus at Spring Melt

“I believe that I have a duty and moral obligation to my community, which is much larger than the small bubble I live in. My involvement with Food Forward enables me to contribute to the health, vitality, success, and opportunity of the greater whole. All boats rise in a high tide.

Scott Jarus, former Food Forward Board Chair

Council of Advisors

Laura Avery at Farmers Market in yellow vest

Laura Avery

Former Farmers Market Supervisor
Lisa in sunglasses in desert

Lisa Brennis

Churchill Orchard
Carl smiling wearing glasses

Carl Buratti

Empowered Engineering Group, Inc
Jim Churchill selfie in front of citrus plant

Jim Churchill

Churchill Orchard
Erica Dent smiling in pink blouse

Erica Dent

Chief of Staff to the CAO, AltaMed
Nike Irvin smiling in front of white background

Nike Irvin

Managing Director, Civil Society Fellowship of the Aspen Institute

Carrie La Londe

Chief Operating Officer, Valley Fruit & Produce
Neil Newman smiling at Spring Melt

Neil Newman

Consumer Products Marketing & Brand Executive
Photo of Lisa smiling

Lisa K. Johnson, Ph.D.

Independent Consultant
Diana Rodgers selfie

Diana Rodgers

ED/Manager, Mar Vista Farmers Market
Evan Schlessinger smiling in front of black background

Evan Schlessinger

Consultant, food and beverage industry
Iesha Siler in black and white photo

Iesha Siler

Public Health Professional
Stevie in front of a stack of pallets

Stevie Shandler

Business Development and Sustainability Director, Shapiro-Gilman-Shandler Co. and General Manager of SoCal Grubmarket
Nancy Volpert in sunglasses in front of Food Forward boxes

Nancy Volpert

Senior Director, Public Policy & Community Engagement

Council of Advisors

Ventura County

Rod Cordova smiling in suit in front of plants

Rod Cordova

Public Works Department, Sustainability Division
Tobie Mitchell smiling in suit

Tobie Mitchell

County of Ventura Public Works Agency, Integrated Waste Management Division
Chris Sayer in plaid shirt

Chris Sayer

Petty Ranch
Suki Sir Smiling in front of framed records

Suki Sir

The Turning Point Foundation
Sarene Wallace in blue shirt in front of white background

Sarene Wallace

Food Journalist and Marketing Professional

“From the outset, this simple yet brilliant idea—to rescue and donate produce—struck me as both obvious and achievable. Millions and millions of pounds and thousands of volunteers later, Food Forward has far exceeded expectations, efficiently and exponentially. It’s the organization I’m proudest to be associated with.

Sarah Spitz, Kitchen Cabinet

Sarah Spitz in front of green background

Culinary Advisory Board

Matthew Biancaniello

Eat Your Drink

Clemence de Lutz

The Gourmandise School

Evan Kleiman 

Good Food on KCRW

Roxana Jullapat and Daniel Mattern

Friends and Family

Michelle Lainez

Chef Michelle & Company

Minh Phan

porridge & puffs

Laurie Porter 

Smog City Brewing

Jocelyn Ramirez

Todo Verde

Henry Tarmy and Anthony Caspary

Ventura Spirits Company

David Thorne


Kitchen Cabinet

Margaret Bach

Founding President, Los Angeles Conservancy

Jesse Gilbert

Founder, Dark Matter Media LLC

Joan Hanawi

Social Impact Manager, Lyft

Gay Yee Hill

Media Relations Specialist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Erica Kopmar

Former Harvest Coordinator and Founding Board Member, Food Forward

Mary MacVean


Paul Robbins

Founder, British Garden Company

Sarah A Spitz 

Former Publicity Director KCRW, Master Gardener, & Master Food Preserver

Board Emeriti

SuzAnn Brantner

David Broering

Carl Buratti

Crystal Frierson

Carol Goldstein

Courtney Gross

Carla Heer

Erica Kopmar

Nancy Volpert

Board Chair Emeriti

Scott Jarus 


Neil Haltrecht


Pam Kaizer