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Please note: The exact address of the pick will be given out only to confirmed pickers 48-72 hours prior to the pick. To reduce volunteer cancellations and increase the number of volunteer slots, please only sign up for a maximum of 5 events per month.

MINORS: Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult guardian who must also register themselves for the event. Volunteers under 18 must have an adult guardian sign the online waiver when registering for the first time. Minimum age for picks: 5 years unless otherwise posted. Minimum age for farmers market gleans: 12 years.

Would you like to volunteer with a group? Please check out our list of scheduled events below! If you do not see a current event that can accommodate your group, please fill out this form and our volunteer team will get back to you!

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 "On every Food Forward pick there is a moment when I pause for a moment in the midst of picking and I smell the air, and feel the sunlight on my skin. I look around and see a group of people working peacefully together, all doing something just because it is good. Being happy sometimes is as simple as this."
Charles, Volunteer

"Food Forward is a great organization where you can immediately see the ‘fruits’ of your labor…such an important cause and so worthwhile in every way."
Deborah, Volunteer


"I really didnt expect fruit picking to be so fun, but It was! Its hard not to feel the stress of the day melt away as you laugh about getting bopped on the head by a small citrus fruit, or feeling satisfied climbing high into a tree to pick the freshest grapefruit for someone in need! "
Cob Burton