We are so pleased to award Rose Liggon of Glendale the honor of Volunteer of the Month! Rose is a true Food Forward triple threat! She is a Pick Leader, a Property Scout, and a receiving partner from the Silver Lake Church! Rose has been a wonderful addition to our fruitful family. She’s incredibly positive, pleasant, and dedicated. She may look small, but she’s a hearty fruit picker, one of the best! Thank you Rose, we’re immensely grateful to have you on our side! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Rose, I hope you will soon, she’s lovely.

Rose’s words on Food Forward:  “I started volunteering at my church food pantry in January 2012. We gave out a lot of canned fruit! In March, Dr. Cheryl Revkin, DC sent a note to the church telling us about Food Forward. As soon as I read about the organization, I went online and started volunteering. In August of 2012, I went on a small pick with two other volunteers. I told the pick leader how much I wanted to get fruit to our food pantry! So, I set up for a training and I started leading my own picks as a pick leader. I bring the fruit from my picks to my church’s food pantry, and I’m thrilled! Our food pantry now gives fresh fruit to our patrons every week. With the fresh fruit, they now can save the canned fruit for earthquake kits or emergency situations. I love Food Forward because it gives me the opportunity of serving both the fruit donors and the recipients. I believe in Food Forward, because it is such an important part of the movement to stamp out wonderful produce from going to waste! Also, most importantly, Food Forward brings out the best in people!”