As our mission spreads like a grapevine throughout Southern California, Food Forward remains so lucky to enjoy such closeness among our fruit family.  Our family of dedicated volunteers is at the core of Food Forward’s continued success. We also feel so grateful to have such a wide range of personalities among our volunteers. Each volunteer has something different and unique to offer. However, this month one volunteer most certainly deserves the honor of ‘Volunteer of the Month.’ His name is Greg Rudolph (Pictured above).

Greg’s consistent level of fruit picking for the hungry is insurmountable. He is a gleaning machine at each fruit pick he attends! Greg is always willing to go out of his way to lend an extra hand, and when short on volunteers, Greg often jumps in last minute to help! The entire Food Forward team wants to thank Greg for his constant engagement with the organization. Greg has single handedly helped to provide hundreds, if not thousands of people in need with better access to fresh Southern California fruit. Congratulations Greg on being a superstar volunteer!