What does all this rain mean for your citrus trees?

2.20.17 -Is this stormy weather bogging your citrus trees down? Find out more in this post from Sam Royall, our wonderful Volunteer Program Assistant from Occidental College.

Rain and your Citrus Tree

As you may have noticed from LA’s lush and uncharacteristically green mountainsides, we are in the midst of one of California’s rainiest winters in recent history! And while this has probably allowed you to slip-on a rare pair of rainboots and splash around, have you wondered how these storms have been impacting your citrus trees? Grab a cup of tea, play your favorite rainy day song, and learn a bit about how to best care for your citrus trees in this blustery weather!

Picking Fruit in the Rain


How much is too much?

Depending on the age of your tree and the composition of your soil, citrus trees require varying amounts of water, ranging from a good soak every 7 to 28 days. This rain has probably drenched your trees’ roots, but do you know if they’re being overwatered? Check-out these signs of overwatered citrus to figure out when to give your citrus tree its next soak!


Signs of Over-Watering

Leaf curling: With too much moisture, the air isn’t able to properly circulate throughout your tree, resulting in a rumpling of the outer edges of your citrus leaves

Leaf discoloration: If your leaves are looking pale and yellowish-green, the roots of your trees may be waterlogged, meaning that the proper amount of nutrients isn’t able to be distributed

Split fruit peels: If your fruit is starting to split while still on the tree, it can indicate that the fruit is being injected with too much water after the peel is fully grown

If you notice any of these signs in your citrus trees, check to make sure that the soil around your tree is draining, and then take a break from manual watering for a few days or weeks depending on the severity of these symptoms. Keep checking the moisture of the soil around your tree, but don’t worry! All of this water will make your fruit even bigger and juicier than ever!

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