Registering our 1,000th volunteer…a beautiful thang!

This week our 1000th volunteer signed up with us – a gratifying, humbling and incredible exciting milestone.

A year ago this week, our group of 5, yes 5 was struggling to finish up its first tangerine tree – taking over 3 weeks to clean the sucker….a year later we are seeing four large pick events of between 40-80 volunteers within a six-week span.  Truly amazing.  I know I speak for the core team when I say we could not appreciate more the outpouring of interest, participation and support for this effort of fighting hunger.

As we hit 1,000 volunteers who receive our Fresh Juice blast every month, we look forward to an amazing winter and spring of picks, big and small, where tens of thousands of pounds of fresh fruit will be collected for LA’s hungry….If you haven’t signed up with us yet, please do – the 1,003rd or 1,347th is as important as the first.  We thank you all for the energy and good vibes and joining us.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up with us on twitter: @foodforwardla, and on Facebook: @foodforwardla as well – as this is where we sneak word of last-minute picks and special events like our soon to be announced trip upon the Juicy Fruit Express….a field trip of the sort you only WISH they took you on in school :)

Peace, Love and May the fruit juices keep on flowing….