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  • Gifts of $63 and above: They’ll receive a beautiful, hand-addressed Food Forward greeting card. A $63 donation means 700 pounds of fresh, free produce will be donated in their honor. Gifts above $63 will get even more produce to people in need. Every 9¢ = a pound of produce!
  • Send a Food Forward NO Fruit of the Month e-card to your honoree for gifts from $5 to $500 and beyond.
Included in all memberships is a monthly email, highlighting one of Food Forward’s 350+ hunger relief agency partners and the people they serve.

Contact Development Associate Dani Lyons at 818-764-1022 ext. 210 or dani@foodforward.org for information on honoring more than one person or with any questions.

Every 9¢ = 1 pound of produce recovered and donated!
I'd like to give $63 (USD) to provide 700 pounds of produce for people in need!
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  • $63
  • $108
  • $270
  • $540
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