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Can It! Academy

Food Preservation &
Cottage Arts Certificate Program

This 12-week certificate program is aimed at the burgeoning professional, the serious hobbyist and the passionate amateur. Led by Master Food Preserver & Preservation Guru, Chef Ernest Miller, this course explores the history, techniques and safety behind food preservation. The curriculum includes hands-on lessons in jams, jellies, pickles, bread, beer, liqueur, charcuterie, cheese and more!

  • Monday Nights September 14-November 30
    Location: Project Angel Food
    922 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038

    Can It! Academy 2015
    $1,495 and includes all books, handouts, class supplies & a special Can It! Academy gift.

    100% of the net proceeds from Can It! Academy tuition supports Food Forward's programs aimed at harvesting food, fighting hunger and building community across Southern California.

    Application for the FALL 2015 Program:

    Week #1 What is Food Preservation?
    The Rise, Decline and Rebirth of Food Preservation
    Sustainability, Food Waste and Food Preservation
    Intro to Cottage Food Law
    Food Safety – Causes and Prevention of Foodborne Illness
    Canning Equipment, Basics
    Canning Acid Foods
    Week #2 History & Science of Jams, Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves*
    Making and Canning Sweet Preserves
    Week #3 Pickles Across Cultures
    Quick Pickles
    Week #4 The Story of California (Walnuts, Citrus, Olives)
    Marmalades, Conserves, Curds, Olives & Glacé
    Week #5 Milk – The First Food*
    Dairy Preservation – Cheese, Yogurt, Butter and Ice Cream
    Week #6 History of the Cure*
    Week #7 The First Form of Food Preservation – Dehydration
    Alternative Traditional Food Preservation Methods
    Cooking with Dried Foods
    Week #8 The Advent of Refrigeration and Freezing
    Vacuum Storage & Long Term Food Storage
    Wine, Beer & Alcohol History & Fermentation - Part 1
    Week #9 Wine, Beer and Alcohol Fermentations - Part 2
    Beer Brewing
    Alcohol as a Preservative
    Transforming Alcohol into Vinegar
    Week #10 The Staff of Life: Bread Making*
    Week #11 History and Use of the Pressure Canner
    Canning Vegetables and Soups
    Canning Meat
    Sustainability, Food Waste & Reducing Kitchen Waste
    Week #12 Starting Your Own Artisanal Food Business*

    *may include additional guest lecturers

Foodsteader Series

Our Foodsteader Experiences are sure to please with new and exciting adventures across the Southland. Each one is a unique half-day, hands-on workshop taught by locally-celebrated experts and food artisans.

New series and dates coming soon. Check back soon.