Foodsteader: Intro to Homebrew

Food Forward invites you to explore one of the world’s oldest known uses of fermentation with our friends from the Maltose Falcons, America’s oldest homebrewing club!

As part of Food Forward’s Foodsteader series, we’re visiting the Maltose Falcons at their clubhouse in Woodland Hills for a hands-on introduction to the world of homebrew!

Together, we’ll discover the rich tradition of homebrewing as the Maltose Falcons demonstrate a beginner’s version of the process. They’ll also guide us through the history of beermaking, and provide an introductory lesson on beer ingredients and styles, as well as a tasting of homebrewed drinks.

We will be meeting at the Maltose Falcons clubhouse which is located at the Home Beer Wine Cheese Making Shop in Woodland Hills.

Open to participants 21 & up only.

Please wear close-toed shoes with good traction. Bonus points if you bring your own small glass or jar for tasting!


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