Supporting Our Neighbors Affected by the Wildfires

11.15.18 — Hundreds of thousands of people across Southern California are being impacted by the Woolsey and Hill Fires. Read on for resources and ways you can support those affected by these devastating wildfires.

Volunteers with Bakers Kneaded (including our friends Michelle Lainez and Clemence Gossett) prepare sandwiches for first responders. Photo from Tehachapi Grain Project on Instagram.


It feels like 2017 all over again with the fierce Santa Ana winds and fires burning rapidly through our woodlands. The Hill and Woolsey Fires started on November 7 and, to date, have burned approximately 102,500 acres, displacing hundreds of thousands of people and threatening thousands of homes and structures. Nearly everyone in our region has been affected directly or indirectly in some way, but many people in the Food Forward family have been severely impacted by these wildfires. We keep all of you in our hearts and minds during this trying time.

For real-time emergency information, visit Ventura County Emergency Information.


If you can donate:

Before you donate items or money, please do your research. These New York Times and Ventura County Star articles include helpful information about organizations that are working on the frontline of the fire relief and can use your support.


If you can help:

The United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks could use help with their food distribution program. They are helping those affected by the fires as well as their normal clients in need. You can contact them here.

Bakers Kneaded is preparing, packaging, and delivering food to the firefighters on the frontline. Learn more and get involved by visiting them on Instagram. 

World Central Kitchen is looking for volunteers with kitchen experience. Sign up here.


If you have resources to share or ways people can help, please email us. Food Forward will have more updates on our efforts to support communities impacted by the fires in the coming week.

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  1. Jennifer Kofin says:


    How do i sign up to receive food? My girlfriend and I were displaced by the fire, our house burned down to the ground. Is it too late to receive food? We don’t have any savings left and could really use the support right now. Please let me now.

    Thank you,

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