Harvest Change with Smog City’s Laurie Porter

9.25.18 — As part of Food Forward’s 2nd Annual #HarvestChange initiative, Smog City created a Danny’s Cream Ale, brewed with fresh sweet corn. You’d be amazed at the number of ways Smog City works to reduce waste all year long — through supporting Food Forward and their own many sustainability initiatives. We chatted with owner and Food Forward Culinary Advisory Board member Laurie Porter about what inspires her to Harvest Change every day.

ek8a8310Smog City’s Laurie Porter (right) pictured with some of our wonderful kumquat donors!


Smog City is harvesting change this month with a super-special cream corn ale. What makes this ale such a great way to enjoy corn? What kind of beer drinkers will enjoy this beer most?

Our Danny’s Cream Ale is a fun take on traditional cream ales which usually use processed corn in the brew. We grilled fresh sweet white corn and used the complex starches and and robust caramelized sugars to yield a more silky and full mouthfeel. Additionally, the fresh corn character blends nicely with the cream ale base.

Despite the challenging brew and production process that this beer required, this is an extremely approachable beer for both new beer drinkers and seasoned beer drinkers. I’d also like to add that there was only a small amount of this beer made so it is available only during our “Pints with Purpose with Food Forward” events at the taproom in Torrance on Thursdays in September.


screen-shot-2018-09-19-at-4-36-27-pmSmog City’s Danny Quinonez transforms charred sweet corn into a golden, frothy brew!


You’ve supported Food Forward in so many ways over the years. From our partnership Kumquat Saison (which just medaled at the Great American Beer Fest this month!) and annual Spring Melts to Harvest Change and 1% for the Planet, it’s hard to keep track! What excites you most about the idea of harvesting food, fighting hunger, and building community with Food Forward?

Working with Food Forward over the last 4 years has yielded so many wonderful experiences for myself and our Smog City team. Harvesting fruit, reducing waste, and directly impacting our community is something truly tangible, you can see the results of your investment in real time and that keeps you motivated. It feels good. It’s is incredibly satisfying to take fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste, turn it into our award winning Kumquat Saison and convert that into community activism. It tastes good and it does good, that’s a perfect partnership from my vantage.


ek8a6301-smSmog City makes and sells a partnership beer with Food Forward all year long! A behind the scenes look at Kumquat Saison.


Smog City is a role model for other craft breweries, and other businesses alike, in putting sustainability first. Supporting Food Forward is just one part of your larger efforts to to build a better sustainable world! What are some other cool things that Smog City does to “harvest change” all year long?

Since my husband and I started Smog City we’ve been focused on reducing waste, giving back and using our business to be proactive in our community and on the environment. We hope these small acts of activism will resonate and inspire others to do more and give more. Since we opened Smog 7 years ago, we believe that our responsibility as a small business is in quality of our product, the happiness of our team and to support the communities in our backyard.

With that said, Smog City took our environmental activism to the next level in 2017 by partnering with 1% for the Planet, an organization that partners businesses with environmentally conscious non-profits. This partnership has allowed Smog City to expand our impact to more organizations in our community. One way we give back is through our monthly partnerships with organizations like The Bay Foundation, Aquarium of the Pacific, Marine Mammal Rescue and of course, Food Forward. We host weekly fundraisers at our taproom on Thursdays between 3-10pm in an attempt to bring a unique experience to our customers while educating them on how they can also have a positive impact on the environment. I think it’s important that we are not complacent and that we empower others to make positive decisions that will impact future generations.

Besides our partnership with Food Forward and 1%, Smog City has a paid recycling program, we donate our spent grain to a local farmer for feed at no cost to him and no additional burden on our landfills and we recently installed an energy turbine that will allow us to reduce our use of gas and electricity among other things. These are all small measures but together they lead to a greater movement. One that says, We are growing a great company and at the same time having a positive impact on our community and environment and that’s how it should be.

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ek8a3426Kumquat Saison in process at Smog City’s Torrance brewery.

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