Inspiring Others to Volunteer

6.20.18 — Say hello to our Volunteer of the Month for June, Ben Tenn! Ben is a long-time Community Ambassador who represents Food Forward at community events across the San Fernando Valley, but specifically in his own neighborhood of Northridge. Huge thanks to Ben for inspiring so many people to get involved with our work!



How did you get started with Food Forward and what drew you to Food Forward’s work and mission?   

I was looking for a charity where I could both find a good cause and be helpful.  I learned about FF through some media / PR and contacted the office. I also care about feeding those in need without our rich society.  That seems like a basic we all should support.


What is your favorite part about serving as a Community Ambassador with Food Forward?   

I am very comfortable in group settings and find I can encourage students, parents and families to consider volunteering which means my hours of volunteering can generate many more hours from many others – a real joy to be productive.


What are some surprising things you have learned from volunteering?   

No surprise but nearly everyone is impressed with what FF does and thanks us for doing it.  People are happy and eager to help if schedules allow.  We are well received and respected for our work.

“…My hours of volunteering can generate many more hours from many others – a real joy to be productive.”

Are there any particularly powerful volunteering moments you’d like to share?    

Families love to volunteer and sign up both as the parents want to contribute to our society and to get their kids involved too.  And college students totally understand our mission and are eager to get involved, particularly at CSUN and the big pick on campus.


What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Food Forward?     

We enjoy traveling both domestically and internationally, to learn about what is happening elsewhere and the history behind it.  I also enjoy reading history and biographies and continue to consult to local small businesses.


Any words of wisdom you live by?    

I along with many others are in or near retirement, so staying involved is important.  FF is a great example of a wonderful organization due to the mission and the excellent management of the program by staff at all levels.  Congrats to Rick and the entire team.



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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Others to Volunteer”

  1. Les Birken says:

    Ben Tenn, congrats on a job well done. Your generosity is an inspiration for all.

  2. Mel says:

    Well done, Ben

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