Got Fruit Goggles?

That’s right, citrus season is here and we need your help to make sure every fruit tree owner in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties know they have options for their seasonal abundance. Sharing our work is as easy as a post on social media,, or in your local community or homeowner association newsletter. We have even sample text for you to use, but feel free to share your own story about why you think it’s important to donate your extra fruit to Food Forward – and why others should too!

We are especially looking for new properties in these areas: San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, Ventura County, West Los Angeles, and South Los Angeles.

Here are some sample scripts and photos for you to use if interested in posting to spread the word about Food Forward to others in your community! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Hi Neighbor,

Do you have fruit trees? If you can’t eat all of the fruit your tree produces, Food Forward can help! They will pick the extra fruit from your trees and make sure it is donated to a hunger-relief agency in our community.

To register your fruit tree, please visit You can also email for more information.

To learn more about how to get involved as a harvest volunteer or event leader, please visit

Thank you!


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Find Food Forward on Facebook at foodforwardla and on Instagram at foodforward – be sure to tag us in your post!

Got fruit trees? Can’t eat all of the fruit? Do what I do and donate your fruit instead of letting it go to waste! Food Forward can pick your fruit and make sure it gets to people in need in our community. Visit to become a fruit donor.



Do you have a fruit tree? Would you like to donate your excess fruit to those in need?

If your property has mature, well-pruned fruit trees that are less than 15 feet tall with easily accessible fruit, and Food Forward has volunteers in your area, your fruit can be harvested and donated to those in need!

Food Forward is a Southern California-based nonprofit organization that has recovered over 30 million pounds of produce that would normally go to waste. If you have an abundance of fruit on your property, Food Forward volunteers will pick the excess and then donate 100% of the fresh produce collected to local food banks and other hunger-relief agencies.

Fruit Donors are ensured that every piece of fruit is going to someone in need and will also receive a tax-deductible receipt for an in-kind donation. If you would like to register your tree, go to, call the fruitline: 818 530 4125 or email If you would like to volunteer with Food Forward, sign up at




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