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9.21.17 — As part of September’s #ProduceChange initiative, Clementine is offering a peach-tastic Indian Summer chicken sandwich to benefit Food Forward’s work to fight hunger and food waste. We sat down with Annie Miler, long-time Food Forward friend, and Chef/Owner of Clementine, to ask what inspires her to Produce Change.

Annie Miler at Food Forward’s annual Spring Melt gala


Peaches were the perfect way to kick off Produce Change, because they’re so emblematic of this season! So what makes the Indian Summer sandwich such a perfect way to enjoy peaches?

When you grill a peach it makes the flavor more intense – there are also these wonderful caramelized bits too. The sweetness of the peach is a nice counter to something savory – like the chicken we marinate in masala – we thought it would be a great way to showcase the peach for the season.


You’ve supported Food Forward since the earliest days, even dreaming up and hosting our first annual Spring Melt. What excites you most about Food Forward as an organization? 

There is an overall efficiency to Food Forward. Such a devotion to making the most of every resource available and getting food that would be otherwise wasted to people who need it. It is the epitome of sustainability.


Do you think chefs and restaurateurs have any responsibility to shape the way diners understand our food system?

We all have a responsibility to understand the food system. Any extent that I can help with that, I most definitely will.


Your support of Food Forward is just one part of your larger effort to build a better world — to produce change — through the food you serve. How else does Clementine share this ethos with its customers?

As a company we encourage each person who works here to become part of a larger community. We start with being kind to each other with the idea that it can have a direct impact on the service that we give – and then we hope that will spread into the world. #pebbleinthepond #ripple


Click here to learn about Produce Change!

indian-summer-1Every purchase of the Indian Summer sandwich helps Food Forward recover 33 pounds of fruits and veggies


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