The peaches shine: a Q&A with Mohawk Bend

9.27.17 — As part of September’s #ProduceChange initiative, Mohawk Bend in Echo Park is offering a unique pizza to benefit Food Forward’s work to fight hunger and food waste. We chatted with Chef Drew to learn about his Peach Forward creation and why Mohawk Bend is so passionate about giving back to their community.

image6The Peach Forward pizza is available at Mohawk Bend through September. $4 from each pizza sold benefits Food Forward’s produce recovery work.

We chose peaches to kick off Produce Change because they’re so emblematic of this time of year. So, what makes Peach Forward the perfect way to enjoy peaches?

Peach Forward balances all of those sweet, end-of-summer flavors from the peaches and tomatoes with the spicy, smokiness of Chorizo de Bilbao. The peaches shine in this savory dish because their consistency allows them to hold their own next to the dense Spanish sausage and tangy, peppery layers of mozzarella, arugula and goat cheese.

 Bend has been quietly supporting — and drawing attention to — local nonprofits for years, every month of the calendar! We think Piece of the Pie is such a cool project. What’s been the most rewarding part of organizing that initiative? Have there been any challenges?

The most rewarding part is connecting our favorite organizations with our guests! We love to share and celebrate the amazing work happening in our community.The only challenge is choosing who to highlight each month. There’s so much good happening all over Los Angeles.

We were fortunate enough to be a Piece of the Pie recipient all the way back in 2013, so clearly, you’re a fan! What excites you about Food Forward?

Everything! We love your mission, values and ethos Your mission aligns so well with our values. We hope everyone in Los Angeles (and beyond!) discovers your food rescue and hunger-fighting program.


Your support of Food Forward is just one part of your larger effort to build a better world — to produce change — through the food you serve. How else does Mohawk Bend share this ethos with its customers?

As a neighborhood business we believe in supporting our local economy and other businesses with values similar to ours. This means, whenever possible, local vendors get first priority. As such, we are proud to source our menu from an array of local brewers, regional farmers and thoughtful California makers.


Click here to learn about Produce Change!


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