A proposal that could impact our most vulnerable

6.8.17 – A proposed budget for 2018 would cut $193 billion from SNAP (aka food stamps) over the next ten years.



Following the November election, we made the explicit commitment to raise our voices when we felt it would truly count: on issues that impact our partners, allies, and our community’s most vulnerable, particularly around food security. When the news of a proposed budget for 2018 came out with a 25% cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka SNAP or food stamps), it was clearly time to speak out.

The proposed budget would cut $193 billion dollars from SNAP over the next ten years, a program that nearly one in seven people in this country depend on to put food on their table on a regular basis. Cutting this program as proposed will reduce the ability of individuals and families to meet a basic human need of access to food.

In her cogent editorial in ‘The Forward,’ MAZON CEO (and long-time Food Forward friend), Abby Leibman, points out that those impacted by the proposed cuts are “people who already must make impossible choices between life’s necessities: food, medicine and rent. They are children, seniors, people in rural communities, people with disabilities, and veterans.”

We encourage you, the Food Forward family, to take action against this proposed budget item by reaching out to your representative to speak up. You have our commitment to keep you appraised as this situation develops, but your voice is essential in letting the government know it is NOT OK to cut SNAP!

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