A Day In The Life

Food Forward welcomed two UCLA interns to the team this summer as part of the Center for Community Learning and the Healthy Campus Initiative. Savannah and Simon were amazing additions to our Pacific Palisades Farmers Market as Glean Team Leaders and honed their skills in research and community outreach on special projects. Read more from Simon as he recounts his summer at the fruitcave!


“Hey, everyone! Guess what? I brought that beet dip today!” exclaimed Emily, the Development Director. Immediately, Laura and Rachel’s faces lit up with excitement. Nearly everyone in the office rushed over to the counter and opened up the pretzel bag to enjoy with the infamous beet dip. This is a typical day in the office.

I have spent most of my summer as an intern at Food Forward. On Sundays I lead the Glean Team at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market, which is awesome because I get to witness how much food is recovered and enjoy the delicious tamales that a vendor sells there. Meeting new volunteers each time brings challenges, but also makes the glean fun every week.


On the weekdays, I go to the office. Most people associate Food Forward with Farmers Market Gleans and Backyard Fruit Picks, but do not know much about the team that runs those programs. Having worked with them, I can say that first of all, they really love food. In the morning, I am greeted not with a “good morning,” but rather “would you like coffee” and “you should try this chocolate cookie.” Lunchtime conversations usually end up centered on food. After-lunch chitchat is about food as well. Joe, the volunteer coordinator, told me how the office has “sandwich days” once in a while, when everyone brings different sandwich parts to make delicious, unique sandwiches in potluck fashion. As a food-lover, working with like-minded people was a pleasure.

Each day with Food Forward has been a new experience, whether it’s gleaning at the Farmers Market, delivering flyers, or seeing people working while standing and using a Food Forward box to hold the computer. Everything about working with Food Forward was wonderful, and “orange” I glad I spent my summer with such a “fineapple” organization.

– Simon Joo, UCLA Summer Intern 2015

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  1. Nadine Miller says:

    Great work for a GREAT cause!

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