Volunteer of the Month for March: Robin Wolfe!

Meet our March Volunteer of the Month: Robin Wolfe! Robin began volunteering with Food Forward back in 2011, and officially trained as a Pick Leader in the summer of 2014. If you want to see someone who truly LOVES being in the trees, join Robin on a fruit harvest in East LA. She is a picking machine and harvested half of the figs we used for our Food Forward Balsamic Thyme California Fig jam, which is no small amount of figs. Robin also keeps us stocked on those magical Buddha’s Hands and is a star Property Scout who works on innovative new harvesting techniques. Behold, the Fruit Chute! Pictured below is Robin’s solution for the solo fruit picker who wants to stay in a tree, while transporting picked fruit safely to the ground. We are always blown away by the great ideas and awesome attitude that Robin brings to Food Forward, and are thrilled to have her on the fruit crew. Read more about her below!

So tell me, how did you get started with Food Forward?

I read a small piece about it in a free parent magazine about five years ago and went on some picks over the years. My mom was a fruit tree enthusiast, and I grew up in Silverlake with an abundance of great trees that actually served as food because my mom was not the greatest cook. Plus, she grew up in the depression and really instilled a not-waste mentality in me and a true appreciation of fresh fruit. As a kid, I always loved climbing trees and picking fruit, and FF was a perfect fit as I could do both for a good cause. Not getting in trouble for picking the neighborhood fruit is an obvious plus. When more free time became available as I got older and the kids grew up, it worked out to be able to do more for such a truly wonderful organization so I became a leader and scout. Fresh food that would have gone to waste instead of canned food and processed cheese available to people in need?  No brainer.

What are some other projects you’re working on that you’d like to share?

No projects other than trying to keep happy thoughts and do good where I can.

What is your favorite memory working with Food Forward?

Every event is always special and unique.

Any wisdom you’d like to share with the world about life?

Try to keep focused on the good because it is out there, just never on the news!  It’s a cliche, but even small, seemingly insignificant, kindness and help that you can contribute does make a difference. Just take the steps one at a time and don’t worry about the whole journey.

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