Helena’s Food Forward Project!

7th grade student Helena created an amazing school project called The Power of One. She interviewed Food Forward founder Rick and made a diorama along with a cookbook featuring fruit she helped to harvest!

Here is what Helena wrote about the project:

Hi! My name is Helena, and this November I worked on a school project called Power of One about Mr. Rick Nahmias and Food Forward. Power of One focuses on interviewing individuals in our community who make a change for the better.

After the interview, I made a diorama with three panels, each explaining one segment of the organization. The first segment represented picking the fruit off the tree, with cardboard boxes full of fruit; the second segment represented the food waiting in a food pantry for somebody to pick it up; and the third segment represented somebody hungry eating the fruit. I also included a cookbook starring fruit that I helped harvest like oranges and persimmons.

I learned a great deal from this project, including that you can make a large change with a small act, and that if you put in enough time and effort you can create what you desire. Most importantly, I learned that perseverance is important when you are trying to do something big like start an organization. If you give up at the first problem, you will never get anywhere. If you want to create something meaningful, then you have to put much into it.

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