Volunteer of the Month: Jack Arsenault

For our October volunteer of the month we’ve chosen a long-time super volunteer who has been the shining star at our Hollywood Farmers Market. Jack Arsenault is a truly dedicated Glean Team Leader, and we are so happy to have him in the Food Forward family.

JackarsenaultFF: So tell me, how did you get started with Food Forward?
Jack: I was working at Big Sunday, a community-building non-profit that partners with Food Forward. As soon as I heard about the creation of the Farmers Market Recovery Program, I called all the fantastic people at Food Forward and begged profusely for them to let me be a part of this program! It has been my favorite part of my week ever since.
FF: What is your favorite memory working with Food Forward?
Jack: There isn’t a particular memory that stands out, mostly because I love every minute I have at the market working with Food Forward. My favorite element of it is getting to know the farmers, hearing their stories, and saying, “thanks so much, see you next week!” when we collect their generous donations of their amazing produce, and knowing that we’ll get to reconnect the next time I’m at the market.
One week, there wasn’t a driver available to pick up the donation for Covenant House. So, I drove the food over to them. When I dropped it off, one of the chefs asked if I would like a tour of their kitchen. She proceeded to show me their facility, explaining all of the amazing meals they make with the food provided by Food Forward. Her infectious pride and gratitude reminded me of the enormous impact that Food Forward has on the community on a daily basis throughout Southern California.
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