Announcing Food Forward’s CAN IT! ACADEMY


Can It!

Food Forward, California’s largest volunteer-powered, harvesting-for-the-hungry non-profit organization, extends its mission of eradicating food waste and creating community with the CAN IT! ACADEMY, offering two 2013 programs of hands-on education in food preservation and “foodsteading.”

Building on two prior years of sold out success, The 2013 Foodsteader* Tour presents a quarterly series that can also be taken as individual classes, offering in-depth explorations of food crafting at private locations with locally-celebrated food artisans and entrepreneurs, on location in their own kitchens and farms across the Southland.

And the all-new Food Preservation and Cottage Arts Certificate program is a 12-week series taught by Southern California’s foremost food preserving expert. The course will dig deep into myriad aspects of food preservation, including the nitty-gritty implications of the newly-enacted California Cottage Food Law (AB1616) as it relates to opening a small food business.

Meeting on Tuesday evenings for twelve weeks, this class runs from March 26th through June 11th, from 6 to 10 pm at The Gourmandise School located in The Marketplace at Santa Monica Place, and will be the most in-depth and broad-reaching course currently being offered in Southern California on food preserving.

The Food Preservation and Cottage Arts Certificate Program is aimed at the burgeoning professional, the serious hobbyist and the passionate amateur. It will be taught by Chef Ernest Miller, who for the past three years has been the lead instructor for the UC Cooperative Extension/LA County Master Food Preserver program.

The Food Preservation and Cottage Arts Certificate Program will be an enhanced and expanded version of
the courses that Chef Miller has taught in the past. [For a detailed curriculum – click here] Topics will include jams/jellies, fermentation, liqueurs/infusions, curing, bread making, beer brewing and other artisanal preservation methods.



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