The Biggest Pick…Evah!

The numbers are in and I am very excited to report our team of approximately 300 volunteer harvested nearly 18,000 lbs of fruit at CSUN’s historic orchard yesterday.  Co-hosted by CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability we had amazing weather, huge turnout and a vibe in the orchard like no other.  It was the first time we brought in the food trucks, AM coffee, afternoon shave ice and DJ (DJTrent you are the man!) – but gauging from the response it wont be the last time.

As the founder of this crazy group, the day had special resonance for me, as I can trace the roots of events and actions in my own life from the formation of Food Forward, directly back to a personal shift that happened for me exactly 10 years earlier, on 9/11/01. It was incredibly rewarding to see hundreds of Angelinos of all stripes, ages, sizes and backgrounds show up and unite to do good on a day they could have just as easily sat and passively in front a TV. It was a day about moving forward, giving back and strengthening what we have here in LA.
Our pantry partners – SOVA, MEND and Valley Interfaith Council – showed up strong and we thank them for getting this fruit out within hours of leaving the trees.
For those of you who missed it – please see our calendar of events for the rest of the month and join us up a tree.
Rick N.

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