Not Just Another Week in Fruitland

As Sunday winds down, I was reflected on what a great week/weekend it was for us at Food Forward. It began with the receipt of our official 501.c.3 status on Tuesday which makes us an official tax-exempt organization (hint, hint.) This is a huge milestone which has only come about due the dedication of hundreds of volunteers, a score of pick leaders, 16 receiving partners, an amazing board, great funders, killer staff, a fine mentor, and incredibly generous attorneys at O’Melveny & Meyers, LLP who shepherd this process for us. We feel official now – and can receive grants and donations directly – see DONATE BUTTON on our front page ! – and we can apply for a whole lot more in the way of funding and partnerships which were not open to us just a few days ago.

This weekend one of our long-time and dedicated Pick Leaders led a Pacific Crossroads Church on a Private Pick that yielded over 1250 lbs and left them exceedingly fulfilled from the team-building/community service accomplishment.

And today we had a pick that went from good to great when I realized 1) the amazing mix of people we have the luck to work with us – new folks, my family, young, older, veteran repeat volunteers, folks who were with us just last week in Moorpark and could not get enough, and a Bar Mitzvah boy doing his service project; and 2) two homeowners on either side of the home we were picking opened their yards to us as soon as they learned of our work to feed the hungry. We had over a dozen people picking across 3 yards even as the unseasonable rain begin to fall – an no one even thought of quitting…850 lbs later (all going to SOVA) all in Fruitland is good and I can go on my badly needed vacation tmrw. Picks continue with 16 across this month, and I will keep scouting trees, even in Alaska 🙂

Be back soon – Rick

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