Hugely Successful Pick in Chatsworth, Despite the June Gloom!

Although yesterday morning was cloudy and misty, the gloomy weather kept all the volunteers cool and picking at their best! Yesterday’s big pick was hugely successful! Almost 60 people arrived ready to harvest. Together, about 30 Food Forward volunteers and 30 Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School volunteers, covered the property with pickers of all ages. The groups took charge and spent three hours gathering beautifully ripened Valencia Oranges. While everyone worked to glean the trees, the property owners were incredibly generous and offered samples of freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice to the volunteers. Tasting the fresh sweet juice was a lovely reminder of how everyone deserves the right to have access to fresh fruit!

This was my first big pick since joining the Food Forward team and I have to admit, the energy of a big pick is infective. It was so powerful to see box after box fill up with countless oranges. The grand total from yesterdays pick was 5,481 pounds! I’m always pleasantly surprised at the immense amount of fruit just one tree can produce. I also brought several of my closest friends to the pick, making the experience extra special. In the car ride home each of my friends couldn’t wait to get to their computers and sign up for upcoming picks! Thanks to all who dedicated their Sunday morning to harvest ripe juicy Valencia Oranges for those who need them most, such a great morning!

-Max Kanter, Food Forward’s Volunteer Coordinator

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1 thought on “Hugely Successful Pick in Chatsworth, Despite the June Gloom!”


    when pickers were here last yr. they said they would put us down
    to come this yr.. we have quuite a crop of oranges that need picked.
    my wife called and left message would like to hear from some one.
    thanking u in advance walt & helen russell 818-710-8692

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