Lemonade After the Storm…

Following two days of pounding rain a great crew of FF volunteers showed up ready for serious picking Sunday and could not have done a better job in clearing over a half dozen trees, large and small of the 800+ lbs of citrus that was shared between SOVA and Under The Bridges (another non-profit dedicated to feeding the homeless.)

It was a crisp AM pick at about 55 degrees but incredibly sunny and between the amazing lemon tree (giving off nearly 600 lbs itself – a FF record of sorts), two grapefruit trees, tangerines, and blood oranges everyone felt great to be there doing the important but fun work of feeding LA’s neediest with our city’s endless abundance. Even better, we had power-volunteer Celeste, who is training to be a pick leader, along with us to keep us moving with her fantastic Southern charm, and homeowner Todd providing not just fresh made lemonade for the crew, but his beautiful daughter, Ava for photo opps.

If you have not signed up to  for the Volunteer Meet n Greet March 2nd at 7pm at SOVA in Van Nuys, please take a second to do so  – We’d love to have you – We’ll be getting a tour of this impressive facility and talking with volunteers about the many unique volunteer opp’s we have at Food Forward for people of all ages.    https://foodforward.org/events/event-detail/?id=46

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