Match Grant Met!…and other thoughts going into ’11

I am thrilled to be able to report that the friends and supporters of Food Forward have pushed us to a healthily victory with the generous match grant that was offered to us by The Plum Foundation in December…and as a result the badly needed Fruitmobile will be arriving shortly.

It was incredibly humbling to watch donations from all across the state (and country in fact) come in over the month of December, allowing us to match the $5000 that was on the table.

Having watched this organization grow from from an unnamed entity which harvested 85 lbs of tangerines on its first tree, to where we are today – about to welcome our first employee (managing director, Meg Glasser who starts with us on January 3rd) is hard to put into words.  But seeing folks from our volunteers, friends, relatives, anti-hunger advocates, LA foodies, fruitanthropists and more open their wallets to help us meet this important goal, made me and the core team incredibly proud – and re-energized us to keep doing the work we do and keep  pushing this organization forward.

As we welcome Meg (an extremely passionate, bright young woman who comes out of the Urban Farming world) to help us grow, meet our overwhelming demand, and plant deeper roots, we look towards a year of expanding capacity, partnerships and strengthening Food Forward.

The first two weeks of January will see us close out the fiscal fruit year where, weather permitting, we may see our 300,000 lbs picked/rescued for SoCA’s hungry.  (Fruitstock 2011, set for Jan 15-16 in Santa Barbara, will be an event for the record books – see our events page to sign up now.)

We hope you will check out Fresh Juice, sign up for a pick this month and help us push towards our second anniversary and beyond, as a volunteer, fruit donor, pick leader, property scout or one of the other other ways to get involved with us.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and fruity new year and thanks again to everyone who made – and keeps making –  all this possible.

See you up a tree in ’11,


New Years Day Navels…2011

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1 thought on “Match Grant Met!…and other thoughts going into ’11”

  1. Jeff Lebow says:

    Congratulations. Looks like you are really making this work. We have been gleaning in Orange County for around 30 months but did not go the 501c-3 route. We do basically exactly what you are doing. It just makes too much sense all along the food chain. I’d like to connect with you sometime. The local food movement is organically happening. Village Harvest in Santa Clara County has been at it about 8 years. What you have done in a short time is incredible. Congratulations. Please drop me an email if you have any time for us to talk.
    jeff lebow
    The Harvest Club

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