We can SMELL the Fruitmobile from our front yard….

Hi Food Forward Volunteers,

Orange blossoms – lemon zest – grapefruit juice – these are just a few of the heavenly scents that you have experienced while picking fruit for LA’s hungry with us. Now, just imagine a van permanently scented with these delightful fragrances! One which expands our reach and increases our ability to pick more fruit more often…

We are just over a week into an URGENT CHALLENGE GRANT set by the Plum Foundation: they have put $5000 on the table and if we match that amount in donations by December 31st , we get their cash – funds which will ALL go directly to buy that fruit-scented van to help us do better the important work we do of supplying tens of thousands of pounds of free local produce to LA area food pantries.

So far, in donations large and small, we have raised about half of the needed funds to do that ($2500) – we want to thank ALL those fruitanthropists who made meeting the first half of the match possible with their generous donations. You are amazing to heed the fruity call!

Now we are making this DIRECT APPEAL TO YOU, OUR VALUED VOLUNTEERS, who keep showing up to do the work, and know our young organization’s need first hand. We MUST raise that other $2500 and know you can help us get there with $5 or $500 donations.

As a volunteer, we are thankful for your time investment with our group and hope you will match the time you put in with us with a FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION OF ANY size to this urgent match grant. Here is the easy link to do it online:


Checks are welcome too: payable to: Food Forward. Please write “Matching Grant” in the memo line.

Mail to:

PO BOX 48818
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Thanks for helping us out now – with any sized donation! Have great and fruity holiday season!

See You Up A Tree!

The Food Forward Team

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