A Great Weekend in Fruitland

We are just coming off our first weekend of spring and can’t thank all the folks who came to support us on the many FF fronts we had:  Byron started with a small but sweet pick on Friday with 131 lbs of oranges, soon followed by Scott Daigre and the TOMATOMANIA crew who warmly welcomed us to their event where we SOLD OUT of the First Vintage of FF’s  Preserved Meyer Lemons in just a day and a half – for those of you lucky folks who got them – enjoy them or “put them up” as the collectors item they now are.  (Email us for Emily’s fantastic crab salad recipe – or send in recipes of your own when you put them to use – we’d love to hear from you.)

Also on Saturday, Erica had an a great pick with CAUSECAST’s crew which yielded over 800 lbs of oranges to MEND.  Causecast wrote up a very flattering blog post about the event which you can see leading off the IMPACT Section of the Huffington Post today! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jonathan-daniel-harris/fixing-americas-hunger-cr_b_516561.html A Big thanks to Heidi and Kristen for organizing the pick and another big thanks to all at Causecast for coming out.

Then Sunday, Capt. Carl and I had two great groups in tandem on which yielded well over 1500lbs combined for SOVA – final tally still to come.  The massive 40 foot grapefruit tree I tackled with my small by very able bodied crew was dedicated to Dawn and Charles – two core FF volunteers and spirits – who are moving north and who we will dearly miss! Thanks to everyone who came out and participated, tabled and picked.

Please check below for FRESH JUICE – a month of citrus is just around the corner  :))

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