BIG PICK 3 YIELDS 10000 lbs :))

Hi Folks-

Sorry for the late posting – we have been swamped this past week.  But before the week totally got away we wanted to post a few words and photos of last weekend’s BIG PICK 3 at CSUN’s historic orange grove where over 50 volunteers burned down the last Big Pick record of 8,000 lbs with an astounding 10,000 lbs (ok 9,955) of oranges picked -over 180 boxes  – with 100% going to SOVA to feed LA’s hungry.  To top it off , this was accomplished in UNDER 4 hours – no small feat.

Weather was great, new and old volunteers worked hard but had a great time and dare I say, there is enough fruit on these trees awaiting another large scale pick this spring.

We thank you all (and a special shout out to Fred and James form SOVA for their work, and the Chromatic Films crew which recorded the day for Ovation TV) for coming out and hope you will sign up for other picks – big and small – if you have not seen FRESH JUICE for Feb take a look and book your spot!

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