Be Part of the Biggest & Final Pick of 2009

Food Forward and Backyard Bounty are joining forces to finish off the year with an amazing harvest this Sunday in Santa Barbara 3 minutes off the 101 near UCSB).

We hope to finish off the insane orchard of over 130 grade A Mandarin orange trees whose fruit will be shared amongst three pantries. We estimate there are 10,000 still left to harvest and which MUST be picked this week- We need an army to do this – and hope you will join us to be part of something huge!

Bring friends and relatives, you gardening sheers and EMPTY XMAS BOXES instead of recycling them! (Again, only 18 years old and older please due to owners restrictions – sorry)

We look forward to seeing you and hope you can pass word of this great day of service to your networks.

***PLEASE RSVP TO for directions ***

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