Food Forward endorses Blueprint to End Hunger in LA

This morning, Rick Nahmias (founder of Food Forward) joined a panel/roundtable discussion at the launch of the Blueprint to End Hunger in LA (  to talk about what a grassroots volunteer-driven organization can do about urban hunger. We were honored to be included in the launch of the blueprint and received a strong response to Food Forward’s ideas and continued work of how Angelinos can go beyond cash donations and can drives and be PART of the solution of helping feed the hungry from the abundace of fruits and vegetables we have in our own backyards.

For the work Food Forward has been doing for the past 10 months, we received word we have been awarded a $3,500 micro grant from the Jewish Federation which will go towards tools and basic operating costs of FF activities.  We are extremely grateful to the Federation for being included at the table for this urgent and important initiative, and for the support of our ongoing efforts.

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3 thoughts on “Food Forward endorses Blueprint to End Hunger in LA”

  1. Bette Simons says:

    Such great work!
    I hope you have contacted people on Stone Canyon Ave. in Sherman Oaks.
    I wish I could help, but getting over hip surgery just now.
    Do you need $ donations?

  2. Bette Simons says:

    Donations of money for those without fruit trees?

  3. foodforward says:

    Hi Bette –

    Yes we are in need of, and are now able to receive tax-deductable financial donations. They should be made out to LOS ANGELES GARDEN COUNCIL (with Food Forward in the memo) and sent to 2363 NORTH ALTMAN ST
    LA, CA 90031 – Thanks!

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