"Fair Food: Field to Table" Project Launches !

Though I try to keep my professional life seperate from my work with Food Forward – the connection on a recent project it too close to not  blog about. I am pleased to announce today the launch of the result of an 18 month collaboration with California Institute for Rural Studies in the form of a streaming web documentary entitled: “Fair Food: Field to Table.” http://fairfoodproject.org

As many of you know, I have worked promoting farm labor issues for several years, and this new project picks up where “The Migrant Project” ( http://themigrantproject.com) left off – looking at both current day farmworker issues AND replicable solutions and best practices that consumers, growers, students, businesses and others can adapt to ensure that equitable treatment of farm labor becomes a permanent part of the local, sustainable and fair food movements.

As urban gleaners Food Forward folk have a strong connection to farmworkers and I hope you take a few moments to see how deep that connection runs. Each of the documentary’s three parts focuses on a different part of the equation: Part 1: The Farmworkers, Part 2: The Growers, and Part 3: The Advocates – together we hope they will give you and others a multi-dimensional view of what is happening around domestic fair food issues and what you can do to help make change.  The streaming multimedia documentary is embedded in a website rich with links and information to help people – no matter their walk of life – be part of the change.

As you sit down for Thanksgiving next week, I hope you will take a few moments to look at the abundance we will each undoubtedly be lucky enough to have before us and understand better how, and at what cost, that food reaches you and your family, and feel the urgency to get involved to help farmworkers get fairer treatment for what they do and what they make possible.

Lastly, please pass email or forward this project link to your friends, families and networks (the documentary is also available in hi-def on youtube – where you can rate it!).  The more eyes that see this, the more chance we have to create meaningful change for those responsible for feeding the best fed country on the planet.

We will be presenting this project around the country at universities and conferences in the coming months, but for now the presentation is free and easy to access at: http://fairfoodproject.org



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