A big w/e of picking…and growing

As the weekend comes to a close it’s incredibly rewarding to look back and see that nearly two dozen FF volunteers helped make three picks a reality these past few days.

Yesterday over a thousand pounds of otherwise forgotten cluster and beefsteak tomatoes were plucked from Pierce College’s fields (and there’s much more awaiting us if we can get there this week!), we did a full day of outreach in Northridge signing up several more homes for gleaning, and today hundreds of pounds of persimmons and grapefruit were liberated from two different homes on opposite sides of the Valley.  (pix to come)

MEND will use the fruit to fill nutritious boxes for their over 20,000 clients a month, and additionally every piece we harvested these last few days not handed out directly will go to cooking sauces and other dishes, for the hundreds a week which depend on their soup kitchen.

Yes, the weight is great, but more so, its humbling to meet the number of new volunteers and see then see them come back, wanting to get more involved. We’re doing all we can to add more picks and take in all the great ideas and offers being floated our way – it may take a little time.

October is a month which saw its first 8 picks fill in 48 hours – something a bit daunting to us all at FF – so as we try to keep up, we hope you’ll keep joining us and making great picks like this a reality. Thanks!

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