If you thought Day 1 of FRUITSTOCK was exciting, Day 2 was insane! With the social activities and partying behind us, we set out to try and match the tremendous effort of Day 1 and we did.

Over 6,000 lbs of fresh free grapefruits were added to the 5,000 lbs of oranges and in case you think it was all work and no play, you haven’t yet been made aware of the incredible graciousness of our host Chuck Berney. He not only shared with us a bounty of his orchard but took all of our volunteers out for a wonderful lunch.

This day marked the debut of the FOOD FORWARD “production line” movement of the grapefruits from the trees to the truck. I’m not saying there aren’t kinks to be worked out, but what a way to improve on our productivity. A big thanks to all of our tremendous volunteers who helped in extending the excitement generated in Day 1 to the finale in day 2.

Describing the day would not be complete without a special thanks to Fred Summers at SOVA for all his hard work and his family who helped us make this day the success it was!

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