Meeting Need – Meeting our Recipients

Spent a bit of time at MEND POVERTY yesterday to shoot some footage for the FF promo video (now officially in post production!) and was incredibly moved by the range and diversity of the people they serve, but more so by getting to interact with a few of the people who receive the fruit our volunteers pick weekly.

It was the first time since I began this organization just over 6 months ago, that I had the chance to do this and we greatly appreciate Maria and Rich at Mend’s efforts to make this happen. I hope we can do it again soon and bring some of our volunteers with us to see firsthand the good their work does. The clients I met were open and unashamed, though clearly down on their luck for a variety of reasons: the economy, victims of domestic abuse, recent prison release. They were black, white, hispanic, asian, old, young, middle aged…One thing they all seemed to share was the unquestionable appreciation for what they receive from these programs and from Food Forward. It was a sobering and moving visit which I look forward to sharing in our video soon.

And on a lighter note: happy to say we’ve secured out first persimmon tree for the fall season yesterday as a result of a simple chat with my neighbors 3 doors up as they strolled by with their kids. Its is that simple – time to talk with those around you and hop on the urban fruit gleaning train!

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