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To reduce volunteer cancelations and increase the number of volunteer slots, please only sign up for a maximum of 3 fruit picks per month.

POWER PICK at CSUN (Read Details Below/Adults Only!)

Date: Sunday - 09/09/12
Time: 8:30am - 10am
Location: Northridge, CA
Finally, we have a challenge for our Power Picks. Unfortunately this season, we’re not going to host a giant CSUN fruit pick until next year. However, we will be hosting a CSUN POWER PICK the morning of 9/9. From 8:30 am-10:30 am, we need 20 of our most adventurous, ladder climbing, and fruit crazed to glean the remaining fruit on the trees of the CSUN orchard. If you want a physical challenge, and enjoy picking only fruit that is hard to reach, even from a ladder, I encourage you to sign up for out CSUN Power Pick on 9/9. This pick only for those up for the challenge of a very difficult fruit pick. Sign up!
Register for this event - 2 spots left!


“There’s something enjoyable about plucking ripe, orange spheres from the sky and delivering them into boxes…You can meet great people and make friends, or just find your own tree and let your thoughts wander while you help feed people.”
-Michelle, Volunteer

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